About Business Volunteers Unlimited

Business Engagement is Our Mission

Business Volunteers Unlimited (BVU) engages, connects, and strengthens businesses, nonprofits, and the community. 

We Envision Stronger Community

Our vision: A vibrant and inclusive community through business volunteerism.


“The first thing that comes to mind is partnership…”

Strengthening Business Engagement: Connecting Businesses to Nonprofits

Business Volunteers Unlimited engages businesses and employers to help address and solve critical community issues that affect the lives of many. Our powerful platform enables businesses to effortlessly and effectively pursue purpose-driven community engagement, volunteerism, and nonprofit board participation. We help businesses and individuals make a real difference in Northeast Ohio, which fosters greater employee engagement, productivity, and retention for business success.

Strengthening Leadership & Employee Engagement

Through our nonprofit consulting services, Business Volunteers Unlimited strengthens the leadership and capacity of hundreds of nonprofits in NEO. Business leaders recognize that strategic community involvement builds powerful and enduring relationships in the community while enhancing teamwork and leadership skills among their personnel. In turn, stronger business engagement and nonprofit leadership brings stronger outcomes for the betterment of the community.

Strengthening Nonprofit Impact

Business Volunteers Unlimited fortifies nonprofits by involving thousands of volunteers from the community, engaging hundreds of business professionals on nonprofit boards, and providing leading-edge board and management consulting and training services. We thoughtfully connect business leaders and nonprofits to foster productive, rewarding leadership and volunteer activities.

Strengthening Our Community

The purpose of Business Volunteers Unlimited is to build a strong and vibrant Northeast Ohio community. At our core, we link the diverse knowledge and experiences of business leaders with the needs and opportunities of nonprofits. Business Volunteers Unlimited is the nexus for mutually beneficial success that enriches our community.

Core Values

Service:               Empower and engage others to make a differenceInclusion:            Commitment to diversity, belonging, continuous learning, teamwork, and respect
Collaboration:    Connections that matterIntegrity:             Honesty in all that we doExcellence:          Exceed expectations