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We help nonprofits ensure they receive the right support and are positioned to accept it.

We connect passionate people with opportunities to serve.

Ready to make a difference?


Nonprofits in Northeast Ohio excel through engagement and volunteerism

Volunteers make a huge impact in the daily operations of nonprofits and in the lives of everyday people, thanks to BVU’s ability to connect an individual’s passion and an organization’s pressing need. We thoughtfully connect business leaders and nonprofits to foster productive and rewarding leadership and volunteer activities.

Summer of Service with Deloitte.


Receive qualified referrals of business professionals to serve on boards and committees
Volunteer Team Projects

Volunteer CONNECT

Access teams of business volunteers seeking community engagement opportunities.
Pro Bono Consulting


Experts from human resources, technology, finance, marketing, real estate, law and other professions are available to help nonprofits with specific projects.

25 Years of Experience Working with Nonprofits

“The change we really needed to make was to focus much more specifically on how to deliver the mission and how to expand investment in the zoo. This is really where BVU came in. As we were discussing how to best align the board, we knew we had to get someone in from the outside to help walk us through a board development process.”

Doug Piekarz, President & CEO
Akron Zoo

“We worked with BVU to establish a few advisory boards at Cleveland Metropolitan School District Schools…” “I found myself going to them (BVU) in terms of helping us setup the structure and the framework for these friends advisory boards. They’ve done it in the past, they continuously do it, and they bring a high-level of professionalism to the initiative.”

Shana Marbury, General Counsel and Senior Vice President, Education and Workforce, Greater Cleveland Partnership

Helping Nonprofits Connect With the Community

BVU provides relevant and high impact services that strengthen the governance and leadership capacity of our region’s nonprofit sector. BVU’s nonprofit services include volunteer referral (board candidates, volunteer consultants, hands on volunteers), consulting and educational seminars.


“When I have a question, concern or need, I can turn to BVU and know that assistance, support and/or training is on the way.”

Melanie Hogan

Executive Director, Linking Employment, Abilities and Potential (LEAP)

Educate and Consult

Creating Opportunities, Building Communities

Encore Cleveland


Take part in this powerful series to understand what you can do to become a more effective leader in the nonprofit sector.
Encore Cleveland


Access to BVU’s high value and proven consulting offerings, including board development, succession planning, executive transitions, and operational consulting.
Volunteer Resource Center

EDUCATE: Seminars

Attend more than 30 annual seminars packed with useful and practical knowledge on nonprofit management and governance topics led by seasoned experts in their fields
Volunteer Resource Center

Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Initiatives

The Minority Pipeline Initiative recruits, connects, and trains individuals of color and other minorities for board service in addition to helping nonprofits create an environment of inclusion.  

Volunteer Resource Center

Request Services

Are you a nonprofit interested in receiving services from BVU? Please complete this brief questionnaire and someone will be in contact with you.
Volunteer Center

Volunteer Center

The Volunteer Center at BVU brings together nonprofits in need with volunteers ready to help.
We listen to your needs, assess your situation and help you determine priorities and the path forward to ensure your organization is poised to make an impact. We provide a bridge to the business community so you can harness support and leverage deep experience and expertise. We create opportunities for you to network with and learn from other organizations and individuals in strategic areas essential to achieving your mission and priorities.

We continue to expand our Nonprofit Membership Benefits.  Join BVU’s network of over 250 nonprofit members.

Items in bold below indicate NEW or INCREASED member benefits.


  • Operational Projects—free unlimited access to BVU’s expert cohort of skills-based volunteers to assist with projects (up to 20 hours per project) such as employee HR manuals, social media plans, financial forecasting, and more!
  • Fellows—fellow referrals for consulting projects over 20 hours. Member-only access with additional fee.


  • Resource Center
    • Promote your nonprofit on our Nonprofit Member page with links directly to your website. Member-only access.
    • Recruit talented team members with unlimited opportunity postings on our online Jobs Board. Member-only access.
  • Seminars & Events
    • Role of the Board—gain guidelines for effective and meaningful nonprofit board service and a clear understanding of the role and expectations of a nonprofit board member with this highly acclaimed training seminar.
      • FREE unlimited access to BVU’s prerecorded Role of the Board presentation.
      • 2 FREE seats to a live Role of the Board training that features an expert panel discussion and dialogue with the audience, and case study analysis.
      • Learn and Network with free access or special member discounts to all seminars and events.


  • Nonprofit Consulting—our board development, strategic planning, leadership succession planning, merger and integration, and executive transition consulting are all designed and delivered to meet each organization’s unique needs. Member-only access with additional fee.
  • Custom Board Training—a review of board member’s roles, best practices and trends in the nonprofit sector specific to your nonprofit. Member-only access with additional fee.

Offered to all Northeast Ohio nonprofits:

  • “Ask the Expert” Skill CONNECT Event—Professionals with expertise in HR, Marketing, Finance, and more provide free consulting to a nonprofit for 60 minutes to brainstorm and share tactical strategies that the nonprofit can implement.
  • Board CONNECT—Potential referral of business professionals to your board.
  •  Linking New Leaders—“Speed dating” style event that brings together community-minded young professionals with local nonprofits.
  • Nonprofit Stability Index—Bi-Annual survey that highlights current issues affecting the nonprofit community of Northeast Ohio.
  • Volunteer CONNECT—BVU’s Volunteer Center is a user-friendly online database for referral of individuals and teams. BVU promotes your volunteer needs to BVU business members and the public.





BVU provides services to nonprofit organizations in Northeast Ohio.


  • 501(c)(3) organizations with documentation of status on file at BVU
    Municipal, county, state, and/or federal agencies serving the public
    Public or private (nonprofit) schools
  • Certain 501(c)(6) organizations e.g. Chambers of Commerce
  • Compliance with federal policies and regulations regarding non-discrimination and accessibility, provides a drug-free work place, and maintains a safe working environment for all volunteers
  • Operates out of a non-residential office
  • Employs the equivalent of one full-time paid staff member

Membership Pricing

Annual nonprofit membership dues range from $200-$2,000, depending on budget size

Budget Membership
< or = $200k $200
< or = $600k $400
< or = $800 $600
< or = $1m $800
< or = $1.5m $1,000
< or = $5m $1,200
< or = $10m $1,400
< or = $20m $1,700
> $20m $2,000



Request Services

Are you a nonprofit interested in receiving services from BVU? Please complete this brief questionnaire and someone will be in contact with you.