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Specialized Business Skills
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Enduring Impact

We connect individuals with specialized skills and talents to strengthen the infrastructure of a nonprofit.

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Skills-Based Volunteering

“I am a professional who would like to volunteer my skills.”

Nonprofit Volunteering

“My nonprofit is looking for expert volunteers.”

BVU facilitates successful skills-based volunteer matches for the most rewarding experience for all.

4 Ways to do Skills-Based (or Pro Bono) Consulting & Volunteering

1. An skills-based volunteer assists a nonprofit with a specific project.

2. A team of skills-based volunteers work on a customized project together for a nonprofit.

3. Businesses host a “Ask the Expert” event for nonprofits focused around their core services.

4. Nonprofits and business experts with various skill-sets participate in 60 or 90-minute consulting meetings at BVU’s signature “Ask the Expert” event.

Elevate Nonprofit Partners

“I didn’t know what I had to give until I did the first skill CONNECT program. I’m always excited at the end of these “Ask the Expert” sessions. The nonprofits are so grateful and thankful. Nonprofit leaders are great at leading their organizations, so being able to help these professionals improve in areas where they don’t have expertise is so rewarding. When you work in a specific field every day, you almost forget that what you have IS a valuable asset to others without that skillset.”

Stephanie Smith,
Bober Markey Fedorovich


Our knowledge of the nonprofit’s consulting needs allows us to make the perfect match for the biggest impact.


Experts from human resources, technology, finance, marketing, real estate, law and other professions are needed to help nonprofits with specific projects.

“The event was great. I cannot stop talking about all of the information and tips I received from BVU’s Skill CONNECT. The opportunities you provide to nonprofit organizations through Skill CONNECT are invaluable. Thank you so much for the knowledge I have gained through BVU’s skilled-based volunteers.”

Cynthia Carter-Harris, BSN, MBA, D.Min, Executive Director, Cornerstone Pregnancy Services

Summer of Service with Deloitte.

Creating Real Value through Higher Purpose

Hear how an accounting firm convinced its employees they could change the world.
Think Pro Bono

Be a Superhero – Think Skills-Based Volunteering

Nonprofits need pro bono or what we call, skills-based volunteers, to sustain and grow their organizations to meet community needs.

Doctor's In

Ask the Expert

Attend this event to meet with experts in marketing, human resources, and finance.

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